Know before you go

Tips for surviving THE NIGHT

  • No costumes, facepaint, prop or handheld items are allowed inside.
  • While outside the haunt, feel free to take photos and grab food and drink at one of our vendors (info below). While inside the haunt, no food, drinks, bottles, recording devices, flash photography, or flashlights are allowed.
  • Bring a clear bag! To limit the touching of personal items, only clear bags not exceeding 4.5”x6.5” will be allowed.
  • Mistreating any performer or staff member will result in you being sent home.
  • Wearing heels or flip-flops is discouraged – they tend to end up in our lost and found.


  • Looking to upgrade your ticket? Log onto your TicketSocket account, click on your Order, and click “Change” in the top right corner. Follow the prompts (including type of upgrade and time selection) and finish checkout. Note: make sure you do this for every ticket separately. See HELP section on website for more details.
  • Join Fright Club today for discounts, rewards, and other members only perks!

What to expect

  • Parking: All customers must enter Fear Farm from the Northbound Lane on 99th Avenue only, no left turns are permitted. When exiting the event, you must turn right Northbound on 99th Avenue to Glendale Rd.
  • Entering the Haunt: Upon arriving, if you have already purchased your tickets online, proceed directly through security, and then to your designated entrance – General Admission, Fast Pass, or Skip the Line. Show your digital or printed ticket to enter the haunt.
  • Small groups only: No groups larger than 10 will be sent through together. If you arrived with more than 10 in your party, you will be split into smaller groups to enter.